This fall (2017) the Philosophy Department is pleased to offer two courses that meet the A&S Diversity Requirement:

PHIL 2005 Topics in Philosophy - Humanities:  Topic: Philosophy of Race. Instructor: Drew Woodson.   MW 11-12:15

PHIL 2420 Philosophy of War and Peace. Instructor: Isaac Wagner.  Online

PHIL 2500 Philosophy and Gender. Instructor: Claire Horisk    TR 11-12:15   TR 2-3:15




The Department is excited to announce the incoming class of PhD students who will be starting at Mizzou Fall 2016!

Beth Barker, BA in Philosophy and Spanish at Evangel University: Ethics, Social and Political, feminism, philosophy of language

Cody Porter, MA from Texas Tech: Philosophy of Mind

Andre Ariew with Kevin Bird

Kevin Bird recently graduated with Honors in Philosophy and Biology.  Congratulations, Kevin!  His proud Philosophy advisor, André Ariew, is at his side.

Richard Lauer has successfully passed his oral defense of his dissertation, “Explanation for the cognitively bounded: psychology and the pragmatics of explanation”. Please join me in congratulating our newest Mizzou Philosophy PhD!

Phillip Zema has successfully defended his dissertation, "Three Questions Concerning Reid's Moral Epistemology". Congratulations, Phil!