Congratulations to Prof. Andrew Melnyk for winning the Blue Chalk Award presented by the College of Arts and Science Student Council

Many students would have difficulty navigating the rules, regulations, and requirements of campus life without the help of academic advisers. This spring, students in the College of Arts and Science tapped in the Department of Philosophy as their favorite academic adviser. Dr.Melnyk earned his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University; his research interests include the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of science, metaphysics, and the philosophy of psychology.

“My work as director of undergraduate studies for MU's philosophy department has involved attending to a large number of small things—advising a student on graduate programs in philosophy, ensuring that two classes that majors might want to take are not scheduled against one another, informing students of opportunities that match their talents and interests, and so forth,” Melnyk says. “But the cumulative effect of these small things makes a big difference to the health of the major program, and it is very gratifying that I have been recognized with the Blue Chalk Award for doing this kind of work.  It is especially gratifying that the award comes from the students.”