Florence G. Kline Workshop

A new Kline Workshop will be happening soon!

Previous Topics

Fall 2019: Marta Heckel, Ancient Philosophy

Spring 2019: Stephen Herman, The Ethics of Germline Genetic Manipulation

Fall 2018: Alex Radulescu, Semantics and Logic 

Spring 2017: Alex Howe and Paul Hamilton, Animal Ethics 

Spring 2017: Troy Hall, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Music

Fall 2017: Matt McGrath, The Ontology and Epistemology of Appearances

Spring 2017: Peter Vallentyne, Political Philosophy

Fall 2016: Alex Radulescu, Context-Sensitivity in Language

Spring 2016: Kenny Boyce, Ontological Commitment

Fall 2015: Peter Markie and Matt McGrath, Midwest Epistemology Workshop

Spring 2015: M Folescu, Philosophy and Science in the British Empiricist Tradition 

Fall 2014: Peter Vallentyne,  Second Annual Oxford Studies Workshop on Political Philosophy

Spring 2014: Paul Weirich, Value Holism

Fall 2013: Peter Vallentyne, Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy

Spring 2013: Chris Pincock, A Priori Knowledge

Fall 2012: Paul Weirich, Central States Philosophical Association Meeting

Spring 2012: Paul Weirich, Government Regulation of Risk

Fall 2011: Claire Horisk and Matt McGrath, Semantics, Pragmatics, and Epistemology

Spring 2011: Robert Johnson, Kantian Ethics

Fall 2010: Peter Vallentyne, Compensation and Enforcement Rights

Spring 2010: Philip Robbins, Experimental Philosophy

Fall 2009: Paul Weirich, Causation, Time, and Choice

Spring 2009: Claire Horisk, Meaning 

Fall 2008: Sara Rachel Chant, Collective Intentionality

Spring 2008: Andrew Melnyk, Ruth Millikan's Philosophy of Mind and Language

Fall 2007: André Ariew, Issues in Philosophy of Biology

Winter 2007: Peter Vallentyne, Intrinsic Value and Other Matters 

Fall 2006: Jon, Normativity in Ethics and Epistemology

Winter 2006: Robert Johnson, Practical Reason

Fall 2005: Paul Weirich, Collective Rationality

Winter 2005: Matt McGrath, Identity

Fall 2004: Andrew Melnyk, Physicalism

Winter 2004: Peter Vallentyne, Equality, Poverty and Global Justice

Fall 2003: Jon, Knowledge, Closure, and Lotteries