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We offer BA, BS, MA, and PhD degrees. 

Our faculty members are internationally recognized for their research across the main areas of philosophy. Our undergraduate students take up the big philosophical questions, and along the way develop the ability to think critically about issues, even highly controversial ones, and to present their ideas and arguments coherently both orally and in writing.

Our graduate program provides intensive training through graduate-only seminars and one-on-one faculty advising. We are proud of our welcoming and warm community of students and faculty. We recognize the ethical and intellectual value of diversity, and aim to foster an inclusive environment.

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In the News

Jon Marc Asper
Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Graduate student Jon Marc Asper, whose paper was just accepted for publication!

Jon Marc Asper's article, "Subjective Values should be Sharp", has been accepted for publication at Synthese. He argues that, even when no particular subjective value (i.e., preference) is rationally required (due to optionality or ignorance), perfectly rational agents will have only sharp values. Otherwise, they would be rationally permitted in sequential decisions to knowingly turn down some sure gains, which would clearly be irrational. Hence, unless perfect rationality is impossible in principle, arbitrarily sharpened subjective values can be practically authoritative.

The paper is a chapter of Jon Marc's dissertation, so he wants to thank the support and feedback of his committee of Peter Vallentyne (primary advisor), Paul Weirich (who was gracious enough to provide valuable feedback despite the paper's aims to refute some of his work), and Robert Johnson.

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