Department of Philosophy Outstanding Majors Award

Each year, if there are candidates of sufficient merit, the Department of Philosophy Outstanding Majors Award is given to two philosophy majors on the basis of outstanding academic performance in philosophy and the recommendations of department faculty members. Each award is worth $1,000. 
To be eligible, a student must be an MU philosophy major with sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Every such student is eligible, but some preference will be given to students who have not received the award before. No application is necessary; all eligible students are automatically considered. The awards are determined by an Awards Committee, consisting of the Director of Undergraduate Studies plus one other faculty member (currently, Professors Andrew Melnyk and Marta Heckel).
Past Winners
2016: Michael Presberg and Spencer Tauchen
2017: Casey Hawkins and Hannah Kauffman
2018: Evan Frook and Suryanshi Rawat
2019: Dane Gray
2020: Brendan Durbin
2021: Andres Machado and John Romer
2022: Mackenzie Gettel and Shay Mehta.