Peter Vallentyne

Peter Vallentyne
Florence G. Kline Professor Emeritus
216 Middlebush Hall
Emeritus Faculty

Ph.D.  University of Pittsburgh


Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Select Publications

“Decision Theory without Finite Standard Expected Value”, with Luc Lauwers, Economics and Philosophy 32 (2016): 383-407.

"Self-Defense against Rights-Intrusions (Non-Culpable and Culpable)" in The Ethics of Self-Defense [tentative title], edited by Christian Coons and Michael Eric Weber (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016).

"Libertarianism", with Bas van der Vossen, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2014 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <>.

"Nozick’s Libertarian Theory of Justice," in Anarchy, State, and Utopia—A Reappraisal, edited by Ralf Bader and John Meadowcroft (Cambridge University Press: forthcoming 2011).

"Libertarian Theories of Intergenerational Justice," with Hillel Steiner, in Justice Between Generations, edited by Axel Gosseries and Lukas Meyer (Oxford University Press, 2009), pp. 50-76.

"Brute Luck and Responsibility," Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7 (2008): 57-80.

"Libertarianism and the State," Social Philosophy and Policy 24 (2007): 187-205.

"On the Possibility of Paretian Egalitarianism," (with Bertil Tungodden), Journal of Philosophy 102 (2005): 126-54.

"Of Mice and Men: Equality and Animals," Journal of Ethics 9 (2005): 403-433.

"Why Left-Libertarianism Isn't Incoherent, Indeterminate, or Irrelevant: A Reply to Fried," (with Hillel Steiner and Michael Otsuka), Philosophy and Public Affairs 33 (2005): 201-15.

"Brute Luck, Option Luck, and Equality of Initial Opportunities," Ethics 112 (2002): 529-557.

"Equality, Efficiency, and Priority for the Worse Off," Economics and Philosophy 16 (2000): 1-19.

"Self-Ownership and Equality: Brute Luck, Gifts, Universal Domination, and Leximin", Ethics 107 (1997): 321-43.

"Intrinsic Properties Defined," Philosophical Studies 88 (1997): 209-219.

"Infinite Utility and Finitely Additive Value Theory," (with Shelly Kagan), Journal of Philosophy 94 (1997): 5-26.

"Utilitarianism and Infinite Utility," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 71 (1993): 212-217.

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