Philip Robbins

Philip Robbins
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies & Admissions
418 Strickland Hall
Office Hours: 

Monday 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment

Research Interests: 

Research Areas:  Philosophical Psychology, Experimental Philosophy

Research Focus:  Social Cognition, Moral Psychology, Cognitive Architecture


PhD University of Chicago

Select Publications: 
  • "Crime, punishment, and causation: The effect of etiological information on the perception of moral agency" (with P. Litton), Psychology, Public Policy, and Law (2018)
  • "Modularity of Mind," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2017)
  • "Philosophizing the social brain," Cognitive Systems Research (2015)
  • "More than a feeling: Counterintuitive effects of compassion on moral judgment" (with A. I. Jack et al.), in J. Sytsma (ed.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind, Bloomsbury Academic (2014)
  • "Modularity and mental architecture," WIREs Cognitive Science (2013)
  • "The phenomenal stance revisited" (with A. I. Jack), Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2012)
  • "Experimental philosophy" (with J. Knobe et al.), Annual Review of Psychology (2012)
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Situated Cognition (edited, with M. Aydede). Cambridge University Press (2009)
  • "A short primer on situated cognition" (with M. Aydede), in The Cambridge Handbook of Situated Cognition. Cambridge University Press (2009)
  • "Consciousness and the social mind," Cognitive Systems Research (2008)
  • "Minimalism and modularity," in G. Preyer and G. Peter (eds.), Context-Sensitivity and Semantic Minimalism. Oxford University Press (2007)
  • "The ins and outs of introspection," Philosophy Compass (2006)
  • "The phenomenal stance" (with A. I. Jack), Philosophical Studies, 127 (2006)
  • "The myth of reverse compositionality," Philosophical Studies, 125 (2005)