Alexandru Radulescu

Alexandru Radulescu
Associate Professor
233 Middlebush Hall

Ph.D.  University of California, Los Angeles


Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Aesthetics

Select Publications

Radulescu, A. (2023). Intentionalism and the natural interpretation of discourses. Croatian Journal of Philosophy, 23(69), 295-306.

Carlotta, P., & Alexandru, R. (2023). Meaning without Gricean intentions. Analysis, 83(4), 708–716,

Radulescu, A. (2020). Synonymy between token-reflexive expressions. Mind, 129(514), 381-399.

Radulescu, A. (2019). A Defence of intentionalism about demonstratives. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 97(4), 775-791.

Radulescu, A. The difference between indexicals and demonstratives. Synthese, 195(7), 3173–3196 (2018).

Radulescu, A. (2018). Token-reflexivity and repetition. Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy, 5(28), 745-763.

Radulescu, A. (2017). Three views on propositions: King, Soames and Speaks. Analysis, 77(1), 189–197,

Radulescu, A. (2015). The logic of indexicals. Synthese, 192(6), 1839–1860.

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