Paul J. Litton

Paul J. Litton
R.B. Price Professor of Law, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
231 Hulston Hall
Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

J.D.  University of Pennsylvania Law School
Ph.D.  University of Pennsylvania


Moral philosophy and criminal law theory (especially free will and responsibility theory), bioethics.

Select Publications

On the Argument that Execution Protocol Reform is Biomedical Research, 90 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW ONLINE 76 (2015)

Is Psychological Research on Self-Control Relevant to Criminal Law?, 11 OHIO STATE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW 725 (2014)

Criminal Law and Psychopathy: Do Psychopaths Have a Right to Excuse?, in HANDBOOK ON PSYCHOPATHY AND LAW (eds. Kent Kiehl & Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Oxford University Press, 2013

Symposium Foreword: Bombshell or Baby Step? The Ramifications of Miller v. Alabama for Sentencing Law and Juvenile Crime Policy, 78 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 1003 (Fall 2013)

Physician Participation in Executions, the Morality of Capital Punishment, and the Practical Implications of Their Relationship, 41 JOURNAL OF LAW, MEDICINE AND ETHICS 333 (2013)