Claire Horisk

Claire Horisk
Associate Professor
121 Middlebush Hall

Ph.D.  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Feminism

Select Publications

“Explicit Truth Ascriptions,” in C.D. Wright and N. Pedersen (eds.), New Waves in Truth, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

"Truth, Meaning, and Circularity," Philosophical Studies 137:2 (2008): 269-300.

"The Expressive Role of Truth in Truth-Conditional Semantics," Philosophical Quarterly 57: 229 (2007): 535-557.

"Meaning Theory and Communication," Mind & Language 19:2 (2004): 177-198.

"Deflationism, Meaning and Truth-Conditions," (with Dorit Bar-On and William G. Lycan)Philosophical Studies 101 (2000): 1-28.

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