Joseph Bien

Joseph Bien
In Memoriam
In Memoriam

D.T.C.  University of Paris


Areas:  History of Political Philosophy, Marxism, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Philosophy of History, Post-War French Thought

Figures:  Georg Lukacs, Karl Marx, Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Select Publications

“Sartre on Freedom, Fatalism and the Other,” Southwest Philosophy Review, XXIV, 2008.

“Hegel’s Need of Philosophy,” Southwest Philosophy Review, XXIII, 2, 2007.

“Merleau-Ponty on the Intellectual and Action.” Merleau-Ponty’s Later Works and Their Practical Implications: The Dehiscence of Responsibility: , D. Davis (ed.), Humanity Books, an Imprint of Prometheus Books, Amherst: New York, 2001.

"Ricoeur as Social Philosopher," in The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur, L. Hahn (ed.), Library of Living Philosophers Series, Chicago: Open Court, 1995.

"G. Lukacs," "J.-J. Rousseau," and "G. Sorel" entries in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. R. Audi, (ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995.

History, revolution, and human nature : Marx's philosophical anthropology, B.R. Grüner, 1984.

"Politics of the Present: Machiavellian Humanism." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 42, 1981

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