André Ariew

Andre' Ariew
Associate Professor
234 Middlebush Hall

Ph.D.  University of Arizona


Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology

Select Publications

Functions: New Readings in the Philosophy of Psychology and Biology (co-editor with Robert Cummins and Mark Perlman), Oxford University Press, 2002

“What Fitness Can’t Be” (with Zachary Ernst), Erkenntnis 71:3 (2009), pp. 289-301.

“Selection and Causation” (with Mohan Matthen), Philosophy of Science 76:2 (2009), pp. 201-224.

“Population Thinking,” in Michael Ruse (ed.) Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Biology. Oxford University Press (2008), pp. 64-86.

“How to Understand Causal Relations in Natural Selection: Reply to Rosenberg and Bouchard” (with Mohan Matthen) Biology and Philosophy 20:2-3 (2005), pp. 355-364.

"The Confusions of Fitness" (with Richard Lewontin) British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 55 (2004): 347-363.

"Two Ways Of Thinking About Fitness and Natural Selection" (with Mohan Matthen) Journal of Philosophy 49:2 (2002): 55-83.

"Innateness is Canalization: A Defense of a Developmental Account of Innateness" in Valerie Hardcastle (ed.) Biology Meets Psychology: Conjectures, Connections, Constraints. MIT Press. (1999)

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