Andrew Melnyk

Andrew Melnyk
Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
416 Strickland Hall

B.A. Literae Humaniores Oxford University (1985)

B. Phil. Philosophy. Oxford University (1987)

D.Phil. Philosophy. Oxford University (1991)


I am interested in all aspects of the philosophy of mind and in many aspects of general philosophy of science and of metaphysics. Most of my work has aimed at formulating a comprehensive thesis of physicalism (in terms of a carefully-defined relation of realization rather than supervenience), exploring its implications for various reductionist theses, defending its consistency with causal claims made in the special sciences and everyday life, and displaying empirical evidence that it is true.  I have also written about naturalism and philosophical methodology. 

I am currently finishing a book manuscript that tries to explain why we might find it impossible to believe that phenomenal conscious is purely physical, even if in fact it is.


Courses I often teach:

Phil 1000H The Big Questions (Honors)

Phil 1200H How To Think (Honors)

Phil 4210 Philosophy of Mind

Phil 4400 Philosophy of Science

Phil 8100 Protoseminar

Phil 9710 Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

Select Publications

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Office Hours

Via Zoom. Email to make an appointment.

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