The Philosophy Department also offers a minor in philosophy.

The minor in philosophy requires 15 credits in philosophy, including at least 3 credits at the 4000-level and a further 3 credits at the 3000- or 4000-level.  Credits may be earned in any philosophy courses, except for PHIL 4998 and PHIL 4999.  Note also that 9 of the 15 credits must be taken in MU course work.

Students considering a minor might want to consult the requirements for the philosophy major before selecting their courses, so as to leave open the option of upgrading to a major at some later date.

To declare a minor officially, complete and sign a philosophy minor form and then drop it off at 326H Strickland Hall.  The Philosophy Department's Undergraduate Adviser, Ms Kibby Smith, will sign the form and notify you via email when it ready for you to pick up. You then will need to carry the form to the College of Arts & Science Advising Office in 107 Lowry Hall.

Student at Senior SeminarA student listens during the 2019 Senior Seminar. Photo by Fernando Alvear.