Past Kline Events

Fall 2003: Knowledge, Closure, and Lotteries (directed by Jon Kvanvig)
Speakers: Jason Stanley, John Hawthorne, Matt McGrath & Jeremy Fantl, Marian David, and Ted Warfield

Spring 2004: Equality, Poverty and Global Justice (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Thomas Pogge, Larry Temkin, Matthias Risse

Fall 2004: Physicalism (directed by Andrew Melnyk)
Speakers: Ned Block, Barry Loewer, Philip Pettit, and David Papineau.

Spring 2005: Identity (directed by Matt McGrath)
Speakers: Eli Hirsch, Ted Sider, Kit Fine, and Matt McGrath

Fall 2005: Collective Rationality (directed by Paul Weirich)
Speakers: David Copp, Daniel Hausman, Robert Sugden, and Paul Weirich

Spring 2006: Practical Reason (directed by Robert Johnson)
Speakers: Michael Smith, John Broome, Ruth Chang, Jamie Dreier

Fall 2006: Normativity in Ethics and Epistemology (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Scott Sturgeon, Brian Weatherson, Geoff Sayre McCord, Michael DePaul

Spring 2007: Intrinsic Value and Other Matters (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Brian Leiter, David Brink, Shelly Kagan, Samantha Brennan

Fall 2007: Issues in Philosophy of Biology (directed byAndré Ariew)
Speakers: Elliott Sober, Alex Rosenberg, Mohan Matthen

Spring 2008: Ruth Millikan's Philosophy of Mind and Language (directed by Andrew Melnyk)
Speakers: Ruth Millikan, Jesse Prinz, Peter Ludlow, and Andrew Melnyk.

Fall 2008: Collective Intentionality (directed by Sara Chant)
Speakers: Sara Chant, Kirk Ludwig, Michael Bratman, Abraham Roth

Spring 2009: Meaning (directed by Claire Horisk)
Speakers: Robert Stainton, Emma Borg, Nathan Salmon

Fall 2009: Causation, Time, and Choice (directed by Paul Weirich)
Speakers: Alan Hajek, Andy Eagan, Christopher Hitchcock, Paul Weirich

Spring 2010: Experimental Philosophy (directed by Philip Robbins)
Speakers: Frank Jackson, Joshua Knobe, Ernest Sosa, Shaun Nichols

Fall 2010: Compensation and Enforcement Rights (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Jeff McMahan, Kimberly Ferzan, Mike Otsuka

Spring 2011: Kantian Ethics (directed by Robert Johnson)
Speakers: Jens Timmerman, Barbara Herman, Allen Wood

Fall 2011: Semantics, Pragmatics, and Epistemology (directed by Claire Horisk and Matt McGrath)
Speakers: Keith DeRose, Elisabeth Camp, Jeffrey King

Spring 2012: Government Regulation of Risk (directed by Paul Weirich)
Speakers: Sven Ove Hansson, Douglas MacLean, Michael Livermore, Paul Weirich

Fall 2012: Central States Philosophical Association Meeting (directed by Paul Weirich)

Spring 2013: A Priori Knowledge (directed by Chris Pincock)
Speakers: Ralph Wedgewood, Neil Tennant, Albert Casullo,

Fall 2013: Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Tom Hurka, Connie Rosati, Andrew Williams        

Spring 2014: Value Holism (directed by Paul Weirich)
Speakers: Michael J. Zimmerman, Noah Lemos, Katja Vogt

Fall 2014: Second Annual Oxford Studies Workshop on Political Philosophy (directed by Peter Vallentyne)

Spring 2015: Philosophy and Science in the British Empiricist Tradition (directed by Marina Folescu)
Speakers: Rebecca Copenhaver, Lisa Downing, Don Garrett

Fall 2015: Midwest Epistemology Workshop (directed by Peter Markie and Matt McGrath)

Spring 2016: Ontological Commitment (directed by Kenny Boyce)
SpeakersDaniel Nolan, Karen Bennett, Jonathan Schaffer

Fall 2016: Context-Sensitivity in Language (directed by Alex Radulescu)
SpeakersDavid Braun, Michael Glanzberg, Gillian Russell

Spring 2017: Political Philosophy (directed by Peter Vallentyne)
Speakers: Michael Huemer, Matthias Risse, Bill Edmundson

Fall 2017: The Ontology and Epistemology of Appearances (directed by Matt McGrath)
Speakers: Mike Martin, Susanna Schellenberg, Christopher Hill 

Spring 2018: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Music (directed by Troy Hall)
Speakers: Robert Kraut, Garry Hagberg, Jonathan Neufeld

Spring 2018: Animal Ethics (directed by Alex Howe and Paul Hamilton)
Speakers: Asia Ferrin, Karen Emmerman, Bob Fischer

Fall 2018: Semantics and Logic (directed by Alex Radulescu)
Speakers: Robin Jeshion, Ofra Magidor, Zoltan Szabo

Spring 2019: The Ethics of Germline Genetic Manipulation (directed by Stephen Herman)
Speakers: Ruth Chadwick, Mark Greene, Andrew Schroeder