Peter Vallentyne

Peter Vallentyne
Florence G. Kline Professor.
404 Strickland Hall
Office Hours: 

By Appointment Only.

Research Interests: 

Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy


Ph.D.  University of Pittsburgh

Select Publications: 
  • "Self-Defense against Rights-Intrusions (Non-Culpable and Culpable)" in The Ethics of Self-Defense [tentative title], edited by Christian Coons and Michael Eric Weber (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016).
  • "Libertarianism", with Bas van der Vossen, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2014 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <>.
  • "Nozick’s Libertarian Theory of Justice," in Anarchy, State, and Utopia—A Reappraisal, edited by Ralf Bader and John Meadowcroft (Cambridge University Press: forthcoming 2011).
  • "Libertarian Theories of Intergenerational Justice," with Hillel Steiner, in Justice Between Generations, edited by Axel Gosseries and Lukas Meyer (Oxford University Press, 2009), pp. 50-76.
  • "Brute Luck and Responsibility," Politics, Philosophy & Economics 7 (2008): 57-80.
  • "Libertarianism and the State," Social Philosophy and Policy 24 (2007): 187-205.
  • "On the Possibility of Paretian Egalitarianism," (with Bertil Tungodden), Journal of Philosophy 102 (2005): 126-54.
  • "Of Mice and Men: Equality and Animals," Journal of Ethics 9 (2005): 403-433.
  • "Why Left-Libertarianism Isn't Incoherent, Indeterminate, or Irrelevant: A Reply to Fried," (with Hillel Steiner and Michael Otsuka), Philosophy and Public Affairs 33 (2005): 201-15.
  • "Brute Luck, Option Luck, and Equality of Initial Opportunities," Ethics 112 (2002): 529-557.
  • "Equality, Efficiency, and Priority for the Worse Off," Economics and Philosophy 16 (2000): 1-19.
  • "Self-Ownership and Equality: Brute Luck, Gifts, Universal Domination, and Leximin", Ethics 107 (1997): 321-43.
  • "Intrinsic Properties Defined," Philosophical Studies 88 (1997): 209-219.
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