Philosophy Graduate Student Organization

President:  Steven Herman
Vice President:  Troy Hall
Secretary:  Jon Burmeister
Treasurer:  Paul Hamilton
GPC Representative:  Alek Willsey
GSA Representative:  Duke Cruz
Representative to Faculty Meetings:  Alex Howe

Adviser: Peter Vallentyne

The Philosophy Graduate Student Organization is an officially-recognized group under the policies of Mizzou’s Organization Resource Group (ORG).  This allows the Philosophy Graduate Student Organization to request funds from ORG for purposes that include (i) conference travel, (ii) visiting speakers, (iii) social and educational events, and (iv) outreach.  Elections for the officer positions are held at the beginning of each fall semester.

The Philosophy Graduate Student Organization also coordinates various departmental functions performed by graduate students and by faculty. Functions include those related to admissions, orientations, student resources, presentations, and outside speakers. Meetings are held on payday each month, and all graduate students are encouraged to attend.

For more information, please visit and join our OrgSync page: