Missouri Philosophy Forum: Lynn Chiu

Lynn Chiu
Friday, February 16, 2018 3:00pm
Strickland 114

Lynn will be giving a presentation titled: Personal Reflections on Doing Philosophy in Science


Here's a brief description of the presentation:

When I was introduced to a senior evolutionary biologist at Mizzou as a bio and psych major completing a PhD in philosophy, the biologist shook his head and said: "why did you turn to the dark side?" Now I am a philosopher in an immunology lab at a medical school, and it's the philosophers that are shaking their heads. What can your average empirically-minded but analytically-trained philosopher of biology (and occasional philosopher of cognition) do in a lab environment? I do not (yet) do experimental philosophy, philosophy of scientific practice, philosophy of medicine, nor do I conduct research in sociology or history of science. Whatever it is I do, I used those methods to publish two papers with famous scientists in philosophical journals and co-written two review papers with clinicians and scientists in the lab. In this talk, I reflect on the significance of these experiences. I will talk about the kind of work done under Thomas Pradeu's "philosophy in science" program, share my own thoughts about collaborating with scientists associated with the lab and independently of the lab, and explore some possible principles of research in philosophy in science.