Missouri Philosophy Forum: Jon Burmeister

Friday, October 6, 2017 3:00pm
Strickland 114

Jon Burmeister will be presenting a mock job talk titled "Searching for the Reason Why True Belief is Epistemically Valuable."

Abstract: One common position shared among many epistemologists who discuss traditional value problems for knowledge is that true beliefs are epistemically valuable. Although this position is shared among the majority of epistemologists, few have given explicit accounts of why true beliefs are epistemically valuable.  In this paper, I consider, develop, and evaluate one strategy, introduced by Jonathan Kvanvig, which claims that there is some relationship between the cognitive ideal of omniscience and each individual true belief which ensures that every true belief is epistemically valuable.  Ultimately, I conclude that any such relationship involving omniscience and true belief is insufficient to support the claim that all true beliefs are finally epistemically valuable.