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Zac Ernst


Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

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424 Strickland Hall



Research areas
philosophy of biology, logic, automated reasoning

Selected publications

  • “What Fitness Can’t Be” (with André Ariew) Erkenntnis 71:3 (2009): 289-301.
  • “Epistemic Conditions for Collective Action” (with Sara Rachel Chant) Mind 117 (2008): 549-573.
  • “Philosophical Issues Arising from Genomics,” in Michael Ruse (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Biology, Oxford University Press (2008), pp. 310-326.
  • "Group Intentions as Equilibria"(with Sara Rachel Chant) Philosophical Studies 113: 1 (2007): 95-109.
  • “A Plea for Asymmetric Games,” The Journal of Philosophy 102:3 (2005): 109-125.
  • “Shortest Axiomatizations of Implicational S4 and S5,” (with Branden Fitelson, Kenneth Harris, and Larry Wos) Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 43: 2 (2002): 169-179.